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Sino-I Technology Limited is a listed company on the stock exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 0250, referred to as "Sino-i"), which is committed to providing e-commerce and information-based operation services for Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises with advanced technology. Its headquarter is located in Beijing, and its main enterprises include CE Dongli, Xinnet etc.

CE Dongli mainly provides localized e-commerce and information application services based on SaaS (software as a service) mode for Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises through the establishment of direct branches throughout the country. Its main businesses include website construction, B2C online shopping mall, corporate mail box, online marketing and promotion, etc. Xinnet mainly provides basic Internet services for Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises through online direct sales and agent channels all over the country. Its main businesses include domain name registration, virtual host, self-service station building, etc.

CE Dongli has been at the top of China's IT service market for many years in a row, and ranks the top three with IBM and HP in China's IT outsourcing service market. In the market of website construction, virtual host and enterprise mailbox, CE Dongli and Xinnet occupy the large market share. The international domain name ownership and net growth of Xinnet is the first in China (and the only Chinese enterprise which ranks top 10 in the world). The domain name ownership and net growth ranks top three in China, and ranks top one in terms of the DNS resolution in China.

Technological innovation is the key to core competitiveness. Sino-i has built a strong information R & D and operation team, with nearly 2,000 software R & D personnel. It is the chairman of "Changfeng alliance Internet information service industry promotion working group" of the Ministry of science and technology. In a real sense, it has put forward SaaS service system with Chinese characteristics, and built standards and specifications suitable for China's IT service operation with SPS as the core. In terms of ICT infrastructure construction, Sino-i has established professional data centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou and other places, realized the interconnection between North and South Telecom, built a highly secured and reliable network environment, with more than 3,000 operating equipment; through the establishment of joint laboratories with NetApp, HP and other companies, it has realized the pooling of computing and storage; in the field of e-commerce, it has been pioneering. The e-commerce platform of on-demand service and personalized service has been developed. It has applied for more than ten technical patents and has become a pilot enterprise of Beijing Patent engine.

The Group believes that in the information age of economic globalization, informatization will become the only way for small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, and e-commerce will become the key path for enterprises to realize informatization. Therefore, the group will continue to focus on promoting the e-commerce and informatization process of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, constantly innovate, continuously launch more and better services, build an intelligent Chinese enterprise, and become a smart entrepreneur!

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